Japanese Taiko drum and Bamboo Flutes


Come discover the wonderful world that Taikoza creates through sounds and sights. Experience the thunderous sounds like never before. Taikoza is a unique Taiko group that features taiko drums, shakuhachi and  fue  in a mind-blowing performances. Taikoza will make you rediscover Taiko and bring you a raw energy that will energize your senses.

The group is led by musical director Marco Lienhard- an international Shakuhachi  and Taiko virtuoso. Taikoza is truly a unique professional Taiko group that blends these instruments to their performance to create a thrilling experience. You will feel energized and renewed after experiencing Taikoza.

Taikoza has thrilled and entertained audiences of all ages around the world. Come and discover the world of Taikoza. Taiko has the unique power to bring people together. 

So far over 9 million people (and counting) have streamed our music on Spotify!

Summer concerts in the  NYC parks possible thanks to grants from NYC department of Cultural Affairs,  and is made possible in part with funding from the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. LMCC.net


NYC Botanical Garden  Kiku Festival

11/16 & 17 at 1 and 2 PM each day



11/17 Matsuri in Orlando Noon

11/18 UCF Orlando Student UNion at 10:30 AM


Taikoza summer concerts: 

We will be back in June 2020

We want to thank the organizations that are making our concerts series NYC possible.

 The department of cultural affairs of NYC, The Columbia Presbyterian mini grant, LMCC, UMEZ and Miss Betty Ann Tanimoto, Mr. Mark F. Goldfield and Miss Mary E. Hatch and audiences like you who support our concerts and programs with donations:



 November 10 Sunday : New York City- $35 per workshop 

Taiko: Noon-2PM - Taiko introduction workshops 



You can get our new book on

how to play the Fue here- Learn to Play the Fue

you can still buy it on taikoza.com or go to Amazon to get your copy

Taikoza will thrill your senses with their passionate performance. Soulful Shakuhachi music performed by  Shakuhachi virtuosos  Marco Lienhard,  accompanied by the powerful and ancestral Taiko drums of Taikoza. Check our calendar and our music. For those interested in booking the group send us an email to taikoza@gmail.com

We have a brand new CD  Voice of the Earth and CD Kodama (Tree Spirit) that were nominated for best Asian Album at the JPFolks.com 2017 nominations as well as best Asian Song from this album: Tozan Matsuri-  and the Traveller's Song Album also was nominated for a complete list go here JPFolks.com

for classical music lovers:

The new Shakuhachi CD, a wonderful album of classical music played on the Shakuhachi and the piano. The album is called Reverie (daydreaming) and you can find it on cdbaby.com or iTunes- great gifts for friends or for yourself. Includes Bach, Puccini, etc.



For a mind-blowing experience of taiko drumming -Don't miss the opportunity to see Taikoza live or make them part of your event. 

Taikoza concert check calendar 

Taikoza concerts this summer in New York are possible thanks to a grant from Ydanis Rodriguez NYC Council Member and public Funds from the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the Immigrant Initiative Grant:

2019  concerts see calendar


Taikoza studio

Saturday 11 AM  -4 PM

Sunday Noon-2PM

For classes, you can also pay

the amount at

https://www.paypal.me/taikoza or Venmo 

584  8th Ave close to 38th street
RM 604 The Music Building 4th floor
call 646-418-8808 if you cannot get in 
email if you plan to attend: shaku8@aol.com
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TAIKOZA Experience the thunderous rhythms of the ancestral Japanese Taiko drums and the magical sounds of the bamboo flutes. Hear and feel the ancestral Taiko drums give thunderous voice to traditional and new compositions.Roughly translated, Taiko means big drums-and that’s exactly what Taikoza brings. Big Drums, powerful rhythms, and electrifying, room-thumping energy. This exciting group draws from Japan’s rich tradition of music and performance to create a highly visual performance. With colorful traditional costumes and dynamic motion, Taikoza’s shows are immensely popular with audiences of all ages.

Drawing from Japan's rich tradition of music and performance, Taikoza has created a new sound using a variety of traditional instruments. In addition to drums of assorted sizes, Taikoza incorporates the shakuhachi and the fue (both bamboo flutes) and colorful dances. Led by Internationally known Shakuhachi and Taiko Master Marco Lienhard.The group has toured internationally and has appeared on ESPN, NBC, History Channel, Swiss TV, Russian National TV and many other programs around the world. Taikoza’s music is featured on Nintendo’s Wii game: Red Steel 1 and 2. Check our video page.

Here is a sample from a show at the Japan Society


Check the calendar for dates in your city. Also available for educational school programs - one of the best Assemblies you will experience in decades. Available for your events anywhere in the world.


Come and discover more about this amazing group and their magical music.


We have  Children and Adult classes Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York city and workshops midtown in The Music Building 4th floor at  584 Eighth Avenue, studio 604 Midtown, NYC. 


For more info click on BIO link      

Check our  CDs and concerts

For bookings anywhere in the world contact us at taikoza@gmail.com 


WE want to thank especially for. 2018/2019/ 2020 period the following grants:

NYC department of Cultural Affairs,

UMEZ enhances the economic vitality of all communities in Upper Manhattan through job creation, corporate alliances, strategic investments, and small business assistance.


Lower Manhattan Cultural Council empowers artists by providing them with networks, resources, and support, to create vibrant, sustainable communities in Lower Manhattan and beyond.


DONATE  To East winds, Inc. to help finance our new programs and concerts and with your contributions, you can help fund free concerts in the Parks and help us bring free or affordable  School Educational programs to the New York metropolitan area students - schools that cannot afford music programs!!!!Make a difference and help us to bring Taiko and Japanese music to the students!!!!We thank you in advance for your generous gift. 


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Upcoming Events

Nov 17, 2019
New York botanical Garden
Nov 17, 2019
MAtsuri in orlando
Orlando FL
Nov 18, 2019
UNIv of Central FL
Jan 6, 2020
Southington CT
May 5, 2020
North East Elementary
North East MD

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Taikoza and East Winds, Inc knows the arts are a critical component of every child’s social, intellectual and personal development. To maintain the arts’ essential role in the lives of all young New Yorkers, we present unique performances and creative collaborations that support learning through the arts for children, schools and families throughout New York City. You can support the power of the arts and learning by clicking on the Donate button and making a gift to East Winds, Inc. through our secure donation site.

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