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Fue come in different tuning

 Most common and popular is  #8

 ( c,d,e,f,g,a,b)

Fue Tuning/ Sizes

Fue Bag Available. Each $15.00. Style and color my differ from photo. Please let us know what your color preference is

Fue Bag $15 each
international $3. extra

1.8 Wooden Shakuhachi

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Support our programs in schools and more free concerts in the parks As grants and funds are being cut, we need your support to bring our programs in schools. We offer workshops and performances for schools. We are also raising money to create a studio that would be open for after school programs and  have a regular children program. If you can donate your time or  studio or office space, please ocntact us at

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Sep 9, 2017
Inwood Hill Park
Sep 15, 2017
Woodside Intermediate School
Cromwell, CT 06416 CT
Sep 16, 2017
Moscone Marsh in Inwood Hill PArk
Sep 19, 2017
Penn State Altoona
Altoona PA
Sep 20, 2017
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Taikoza and East Winds, Inc knows the arts are a critical component of every child’s social, intellectual and personal development. To maintain the arts’ essential role in the lives of all young New Yorkers, we present unique performances and creative collaborations that support learning through the arts for children, schools and families throughout New York City. You can support the power of the arts and learning by clicking on the Donate button and making a gift to East Winds, Inc. through our secure donation site.

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Call to all Musicians to join a great organization that helps Musicians- Free membership for limited time

Musicians for Musicians, Inc (MFM) is a New York based non-profit organization supported and run by musicians. We stand for the idea that making music is a profession. Join Us!


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